H.E.A.T., Inc. - Catalog Section 6 - Nylon Barrier Terminal Strips


• Made of the same glass-filled Nylon used in our thermocouple connectors (350° F. - 400° F. Max.)

• Similar to Cinch type 141 or equivalent, with 27/64" screw spacing in each section, with 6-32 terminal screws

• Nuts for the terminal screws are pressed into the back of the terminal strips. There are no terminal lugs or connecting strips between the terminal screws in each section on the basic H221-XX and H222-XX barrier terminal strips.
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Series H221 - Screws are not installed, but are supplied in a separate bag ready for installation of the terminal lugs.

Series H222 - Screws are installed (there is no lug between them in each section).

Series H223 - Has nickel plated copper lugs installed in each section. For non-thermocouple applications.

Series H224 - Has thermocouple compensating lugs installed, as specified.
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LugsLug TypeHeading
• Compensated Terminal Lugs to Fit Barrier Terminal Blocks.
• Compensated Spade and Ring Lugs to Accept AWG 18 Wire and Smaller.
• All Lugs Alloy Marked. (Sold in bags of 100
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Terminal Lugs
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Spade Lugs
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Ring Lugs
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Miniature Panel Plug
H3137 Series
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3-Pin Panel Jack
H33 Series
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Standard Circular Jack
H32 & H35 Series
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Standard Bezel Jack
H28 & H29 Series
  • Section 10
Panel Boxes
  • Section 11
Armor Cable
Armor Cable Hardware
  • Section 12
Connection Heads
  • Section 13
Coil Cords
Probe Handles
  • Section 14
Braze Plugs
Potting Plugs
Compression Fittings
Cement Fittings
Miscellaneous Component Parts
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